Research Groups and Laboratories

Research Groups and Labs

Labs and groups are the lifeblood of the ECE research program, where faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students produce research results that lead to papers published in the world’s foremost technical journals and conference publications, patents, and even start-up companies. 

Areas of interest are often highly interdisciplinary–including integrated circuit technology, robotics, mobile computing and telecommunications systems, and neuroengineering. An alphabetical list of the School’s labs and groups is provided below. 

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Adaptive Techniques in Hybrid Electromagnetic Numerical Applications (ATHENA) Group
      Emmanouil M. Tentzeris, Director

Advanced Computational Electricity Systems (ACES)
      Santiago Grijalva, Director

Advanced Materials and Devices Group
      Russ Dupuis, Director

Advanced Semiconductor Technology Facility 
      W. Alan Doolittle, Director

Biomedical Micro Instrumentation Laboratory
      Bruno Frazier, Director 

Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory
      Ian F. Akyildiz, Director 

Coding, Communications and Information Theory Group (CCIT)
       Steven W. McLaughlin, Director

Communication Networks and Machine Learning Group
      Chuanyi Ji, Director

Communication Theory Research Group
      John R. Barry, Director

Communications Assurance and Performance Group
      A. Raheem Beyah, Director

Cooperative Analog-Digital Signal Processing Lab
      David Anderson and Jennifer Hasler, Co-Directors 

Electromagnetic Measurements in Communications and Computing (EMC^2)
      Alenka Zajic, Director

Embedded, Adaptive Systems Laboratory (EASL)
      Linda M. Wills, Director

ESP Lab 
      David Anderson, Director

Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab
      Magnus Egerstedt, Director

Georgia Tech Center for Fiber Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN)
      Gee-Kung Chang, Director

Georgia Tech Computer Aided Design Lab
      Sung Kyu Lim, Director

Georgia Tech Electronics and Micro-System Lab (GEMS)
      Hua Wang, Director

Georgia Tech Networking and Mobile Computing Research Group
      Raghupathy Sivakumar, Director

Georgia Tech Systems Research Lab
      Fumin Zhang‚Äč, Director

Gigascale Reliable Energy Efficient Nanosystem (GREEN) Lab
      Saibal Mukhopadhyay, Director

GT-Bionics Lab
      Maysam Ghovanloo, Director

Human-Automation Systems (HumAnS) Lab
      Ayanna Howard, Director

Inan Research Laboratory
      Omer Inan, Director

Information Transmission and Processing (ITP) Laboratory
       Geoffrey Ye Li, Director

Integrated Computational Electronics
      Jennifer Hasler, Director

Integrated MEMS Laboratory
      Farrokh Ayazi, Director

Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory
      George J. Vachtsevanos, Director

Intelligent Semiconductor Manufacturing Group
      Gary May, Director

Kippelen Research Group
      Bernard Kippelen, Director

Laboratory for Advanced Photonics and Optoelectronics (LAPO)
      Wenshan Cai, Director

Laboratory for Neuroengineering
      Robert Butera and Stephen DeWeerth, Co-Directors (ECE)

Low Frequency Radio Group
      Morris Cohen, Director

Microwave Circuit Technology Group (MiRCTECH)
      John Papapolymerou, Director 

Mixed Signal Design Lab
      Madhavan Swaminathan, Director

Multimedia and Sensors Lab (MSL)
      Ghassan AlRegib, Director

Nanoelectronics Research Lab
      Azad Naeemi, Director

Optics Laboratory 
      Thomas K. Gaylord, Director

Photonics Research Group
      Ali Adibi, Director

Plasma and Dielectrics Laboratory
      Lukas Graber, Director

Portable Image Computation Architectures Group
      Linda Wills, Director

Power Systems Control and Automation Laboratory (PSCAL)
      A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos, Director

Propagation Group
      Gregory D. Durgin, Director 

Quantitative Ultrasonic Evaluation, Sensing, and Testing Laboratory
      Jennifer E. Michaels, Director

Sensing, Processing, and Communication Research Lab (SPC)
      Faramarz Fekri, Director

SiGe Devices and Circuits Group
      John Cressler, Director

Smart Antenna Research Laboratory
      Mary Ann Weitnauer, Director

Wireless Systems Laboratory
      Gordon Stüber, Director

Last revised January 5, 2017