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Welcome to the website of Prof. Farrokh Ayazi's research group in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Integrated MEMS Group is a unit member of the Center for MEMS and Microsystems Technologies (CMMT) at Georgia Tech.

The Integrated MEMS group focuses a number of projects related to the design, fabrication, testing and packaging of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) and NEMS (Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems) for sensing and communication applications using System-On- a-Chip (SOC) and/or System-On-a-Package (SOP) approaches.

Qualtré Inc. is a spin-out from his Laboratory that commercializes three-axis silicon
gyroscopes and six-degrees-of-freedom motion sensors for consumer
electronics and personal navigation systems.

Recent IMEMS News
Jan. 2014 IMEMS welcomes Curis Mayberry and Haoran Wen, new Ph.D students to IMEMS!
Aug. 2013 Congratulations to Roozbeh Tabrizian for passing his Ph.D defense!
July 2013 Congratulations to Logan Sorensonfor passing his Ph.D defense!
July 2013 Congratulations to Wang Sung for passing his Ph.D defense!
June 2013 Congratulations to Jenna Fu for passing her Ph.D defense!
May 2013 Congratulations to Diego Emilio for passing his Ph.D Proposal exam
Jan 2013 Logan and Peng receives outstanding paper award from MEMS 2013
Jan 2013 Dr. Ayazi named 2013 IEEE Fellow! (Link)
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