Updates on the campus response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Recent News

Sridhar Sivapurapu

Sivapurapu Wins Third Place Poster Award at FLEX 2021

ECE Ph.D. student Sridhar Sivapurapu won the third place in the student poster competition at FLEX 2021.

Entertainment Meets Engineering

Omer Inan and his former colleague from Countryman Associates, Chris Countryman, received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for their work on a series of sub-miniature lavalier microphones.

Georgia Tech Hosts Notable Names During Black History Month

In recent weeks, Georgia Tech has hosted several poignant discussions and candid conversations about race on campus and beyond.

Ghassan AlRegib

AlRegib Discusses Machine Learning Topics on Scientific Sense Podcast

ECE Professor Ghassan AlRegib and his expertise in machine learning were recently featured on Scientific Sense, a daily podcast focused on science and economics.

Covid-19 Research Illustration

Campus Initiatives Continue to Tackle Challenge of Covid-19

Tech researchers have helped develop several new technologies to add on to testing, masking, and distancing.

Making Space for Black Tech

Alumni from the School of ECE have created a co-developement space called K.I.T.T. Labs for black tech talent in Atlanta.

Technology Based on Rodent Neurons May Point the Way to the Tactile Internet

With the ever-increasing demand for autonomous robotics to operate in the most visually ambiguous environments with the least amount of resources necessary, a team at Georgia Tech has developed the NeuroSLAM accelerator IC for edge robotics.

Chuanyi Ji

"Large-scale data analysis for power grid resilience" is among Nature Energy’s "Favourites after Five"

A paper written by ECE Associate Professor Chuanyi Ji and her colleagues has been considered among past and present editors’ favorite papers published in Nature Energy in the last five years.

Serve-Learn-Sustain's New Program is Training the Next Generation of Public Interest Technologists

In January, Georgia Tech’s Serve-Learn-Sustain kicked off their newest program — Public Interest Technology (PIT) Student Fellows.

Faculty and Students Invited to Listening Sessions on Classroom Experiences

The one-hour sessions, hosted by the Academic Restart Task Force, will help inform continuous improvement efforts for spring and will be shared with campus administrators and the Institute Restart Task Forces.