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Maysam Ghovanloo
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Associate Professor
Technical Interest Groups: Electronic Design and Applications, Bioengineering
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TSRB 419

Professor Ghovanloo received his B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran in 1994. He received his M.S. degree in biomedical engineering from Amirkabir Institute of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 1997. From 1994 to 1998, he worked at the Industrial Development for Electronic Application, Inc., where he lead the design and development of a modular patient care monitoring system. In December 1998, he founded Sabz Negar Rayaneh Co. Ltd., developing physiology and pharmacology laboratory instruments. During summer of 2002, he was with the Advanced Bionics, Inc., working on a spinal cord stimulator. He received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan in electrical engineering in 2003 and 2004, respectively. He joined the faculty of NC State University in August 2004, where he served as an assistant professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering until June 2007. Since summer 2007, he has been on the ECE faculty at Georgia Tech, where he founded the GT-Bionics laboratory.

Dr. Ghovanloo is an Associate Editor of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS, PAR-II. He is also a member of the International Solid States Circuits Conference (ISSCC) subcommittee on Imagers, MEMS, Medical and Displays (IMMD). He has organized several special sessions and was a member of Technical Review Committees for major conferences in the areas of circuits, systems, sensors, and biomedical engineering. He is a member of the Tau Beta Pi, the Sigma Xi, and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Research interests: 
  • Implantable microelectronic devices
  • Neural interfacing
  • Rehabilitation engineering
  • Bio-inspired microsystems
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Low-power analog/digital/mixed-mode integrated circuits
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2010
  • Galaxy of Stars, Barrier Breaker Award for Innovation, 2010
  • Gold Tower Award, Georgia Tech's Faculty Communicator of the Year, 2009
  • Association for Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage, Distinguished Young Scholar Award 2009
  • 40th, 41st DAC/ISSCC student design contest, 2003 and 2004

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