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Biing Hwang Juang
Job title: 
; Motorola Foundation Chair Professor; Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Technical Interest Groups: Digital Signal Processing
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Cent 5173

Professor Juang received his undergraduate degree from National Taiwan University in 1973, and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1978 and 1981, respectively. He subsequently joined the Acoustics Research Department of Bell Laboratories, where he worked in the area of speech coding and recognition. Professor Juang became Director of Acoustics and Speech Research at Bell Labs in 1996, and Director of Multimedia Technologies Research at Avaya Labs (a spin-off of Bell Labs) in 2001, where he worked in speech and multimedia communication research. He led a team that is accredited with such important inventions as the electret microphone, the network echo canceller, a series of speech CODECs, key algorithms for signal modeling and automatic speech recognition, and the development of a speech server for applications such as AT&T's advanced 800 calls and the Moviefone. Most recent innovations under Professor Juang include a world-first real-time full-duplex hands-free stereo teleconferencing system. Prof. Juang holds nearly 20 patents, and has published extensively. A major publication is the textbook, “Fundamentals of Speech Recognition”, co-authored with L.R. Rabiner.

Research interests: 
  • Speech processing, including recognition, synthesis, coding and enhancement
  • Multi-channel and array signal processing
  • Stochastic modeling of signal and data sequence
  • Signal processing for communications
  • Multimedia and multimodal communications
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
  • Fellow, IEEE
  • Fellow, Bell Labs
  • Technical Achievement Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society
  • Third Millennium Medal, IEEE
  • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
  • Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Signal Processing Society
  • Best Paper Awards, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 1993, 1994
  • Most Influential Signal Processing Magazine Paper Awards, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 1994
  • Bell Labs' President Gold Award
  • Academician, Academia Sinica

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