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ECE6460 Course Syllabus


Microelectromechanical Devices (3-0-3)

ECE 6450


Catalog Description
Fundamental concepts for design of microelectromechanical devices (MEMS), including mechanical and thermal behavior of materials and structures, transduction principles, transducer design, and modeling.

Senturia, Microsystem Design, Kluwer , 2001. ISBN 9780792372462 (required)

Topical Outline
* History of Microsystem Technology; Overview on Commercial Products
* Conferences and Publications; Literature

The MEMS Design Cycle  (Case Study: TI Digital Micromirror Device)
* Device Idea/Concept; 
* Device Design: Modeling, Fabrication Process; Fabrication and Packaging; Testing

Microsystem Fabrication
* Bulk-Micromachining
* Surface-Micromachining
* Materials

Microsystem Modeling
* Analytical vs. Numerical Models
* Lumped Element Modeling
* Finite Element Modeling

Mechanical Analysis
* Theory of Elasticity: Stress & Strain, Elastic Constants, Thermal Expansion and Thin-Film Stress, Non-Idealities: Large Strain & Plasticity
* Mechanics of MEMS Structures: Torsion Bars, Axially Loaded Beams, Bending of Beams, Membranes and Plates
* Energy Methods: Virtual Work, Variational Methods, Rayleigh-Ritz Method

Thermal Analysis
* Heat Transfer in MEMS Structures: Heat Conduction, Radiation, Heat Convection, Dissipative Processes

Transduction Mechanisms
* Transducer Effects
* Piezoresistivity
* Piezoelectricity
* Thermoelectric Effects
* Electrostatics
* Magnetoelectric Effects

Transducer Examples
* Mechanical Transducers: Inertial Sensors (Accelerometer, Gyroscope), Pressure Sensors, Flow Sensors, Force Sensors (SPM)
* Magnetic Transducers: Magnetic Field Sensors, Magnetic Actuators
* Chemical/Biological Transducers
* Thermal Transducers: Thermometers, IR Sensors

Microsystem Packaging
* Standard Packages
* Packaging Concepts
* Packaging Examples