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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6331 Course Syllabus


Power Electronic Circuits (3-0-3)

ECE 4330


Catalog Description
The analysis, control and design of switching power converters: rectifiers, cycloconverters, voltage-sourced and current-source inverters, dc-dc converters, pfc and resonant converters.

Mohan, Undeland & Robbins, Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design (3rd edition), John Wiley, 2003. ISBN 9780471226932 (required)

Topical Outline
Basic Principles and Background (1 week)
        Steady-state analysis: flux, charge and energy balance
        Switching matrices and existence functions

Six-Pulse Rectifiers and Inverters (4 weeks)
        Uncontrolled single-phase voltage-sourced rectifier
        Uncontrolled three-phase voltage-sourced rectifier
        Discontinuous conduction effects
        Line inductance and voltage notching
        Phase-controlled rectifiers and inverters
        Current-sourced inverters

Voltage-Sourced Inverters (1 week)
        Square-wave and PWM inverters
        Full-bridge, single-phase inverters
        Modulation strategies, harmonic elimination

DC/DC Converters (6 weeks)
        Non-isolated: buck, boost, buck-boost, Cuk, sepic, zeta
        Transformer isolated: forward, flyback, half-bridge, full-bridge, 
        Continuous/discontinuous conduction modes, ripple estimates
        DC regulation: PWM, current mode, hysteretic
        Averaged dynamic models: state-space and circuit-based
        Small-signal analysis and control (continuous time)

Power Factor Correction (1 week)
        DCM boost: constant and variable frequency control
        CCM boost: peak and average current control

Resonant Power Conversion (2 weeks)
        Lossless switching: ZCS, ZVS
        Resonant dc-dc converters: SRC, PRC
        Resonant inverters: resonant link, resonant pole
        Quasi-resonant, multi-resonant and soft switching converters