ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6320 Course Syllabus


Power Systems Control and Operation (3-0-3)

ECE 4320


Catalog Description
Introduction to methods used in the real time operation and control of power systems as well as to the hardware and software technology of energy management systems (EMS).

Meliopoulos, Power System Modeling, Analysis, and Control, Kinkos. (required)

Topical Outline
The Power System Control Problem
  Control functions
  Operational constraints
  System operating states
  Vertically integrated operation
  Independent system operation

Analysis Techniques
  The Power flow problem
  Solution techniques
  Large scale systems
  Sparsity techniques
  Security assessment
  Contingency analysis
  Power system equivalents

Review of Energy Management Systems
  Real time modeling subsystem
  Energy/economy functions and control
  Security monitoring and control subsystem

Real Time Modeling
  The SCADA system
  Network configuration
  State estimation
  Error detection
  On-Line power flow

Energy/Economy Functions and Control, Part I
  Description of control loops
  Review of control theory
  Automatic generation control
    Frequency control
    Interchange control
    Economic dispatch
    Pollution dispatch
    Optimal power flow
  Ancillary services under deregulation

Energy/Economy Functions and Control, Part II
  Operations planning
  Electric load forecast
  Reactive power control
  Supply management options and impact
  Scheduling and control of energy storage
  Unit commitment
  Transmission loss evaluation and accounting

System Security Monitoring and Control
  Real time modeling
  Security monitoring
  Security controls
  Simultaneous transfer capability analysis
  Impact of deregulation