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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6258 Course Syllabus


Digital Image Processing (3-0-3)

A course in digital signal processing (ECE4270 or equivalent).


Catalog Description
An introduction to the fundamentals and the theory of multidimensional signal processing and digital image processing, including key applications in multimedia products and services including machine learning

Gonzalez and Woods, Digital Image Processing (3 edition), Prentice-Hall, 2008. ISBN 9780131687288(optional) (comment: Reading materials will be provided. A list of reference books will be provided in the syllabus. )

Topical Outline
1. Introduction to multidimensional signal processing
        2-D convolution and filtering
        2-D discrete-time Fourier transform
        2-D sampling and reconstruction

2. Transforms
	Wavelets and Directional Transforms 

3. Applications: 
        Image Coding 
        Optical Flow, Motion Estimation and Video Coding 
        Image Quality Assessment 
        Enhancement, Restoration, and Denoising 
        Edge/point/line Detection 
        Retrieval and Similarity Indexes 
        Saliency and Attention Models 

4. Machine Learning for Images 
        Intro. to Machine Learning and its Applications in Image Processing 
        Basis Functions for Images and Autoencoders 
        Fund. of Linear Classifiers and SVMs
        Basics of CNNs and Recent Applications in Image Classifications 
        Scene Labeling (Supervised and Weakly Supervised) 
        Overview of LSTM, RNN, and NTM for Image-related Applications 

5. Color Processing 
        Color Space
        Color Conversion 
        Color Component Transportation 

6. Recent Trends in Image Processing