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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6200 Course Syllabus


Biomedical Applications of Microelectromechanical Systems (3-0-3)

ECE 6450


Catalog Description
MEMS processing technologies, design of fabrication process flows, and applications of the technologies to the development of biomedical micro instrumentation an detection methodologies.

No Textbook Specified.

Topical Outline
Introduction to MEMS Devices and Applications, Biomedical Applications of MEMS 

Materials & Biocompatibility

MEMS Fabrication Technologies
* Design of MEMS Fabrication Processes
* Driving Forces for Biomedical Relevant Actuators and Geometrical
* Scaling Effects

Sensing Mechanisms for Biosensors and Geometrical Scaling Effects

Microfluidic Systems Design
* Micropumps
* Microvalves
* Flow Rate Sensors
* Integrated Fluid Mixers

DNA Analysis Systems  PCR, Electrophoresis and Arrays

DNA-based Sensors

Sample Pretreatment Systems, Integrated Sample Manipulation

Cellular Analysis Systems

Nano-Particle Separation Systems

Neural Stimulation and Recording Arrays 

Bead based Biosensors, Magnetic Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Magnetics & Microfluidics

Cantilever based Biosensors 

Chemical Sensors


Technical Presentations