ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6110 Course Syllabus


CAD for Computer Communication Networks (2-3-3)

ECE 6607


Catalog Description
Investigation of the methodologies and algorithms used for designing and optimizing computer/communications networks with a focus on the algorithmic aspects of network design.

No Textbook Specified.

Topical Outline
Modeling Networks as Graphs
     Representations of Networks          
     Computational Complexity  

Fundamental Graph Algorithms 
     Finding Trees          
     Shortest Paths          
     Single Commodity Network Flow  

Topological Design          
     Selecting Terminal-Concentrator Locations          
     Heuristic Algorithms          
     Network Topology Optimization  

     Flow Deviation Algorithm         
     Bertsekas-Gallager Algorithm          
     Generalized Cut-Saturation Algorithm for Distributed Computer

Communications Network Optimization  
     Cut Saturation Algorithm for Topological Design of Packet Switched
Communication Networks          
     Algorithm for the Access Facility Location Problem                    
     Dimensioning Schemes  

Mesh Topology Optimization          
     Capacity Assignment          
     Branch Exchange
   MENTOR Algorithm (Mesh Network Topology Optimization and Routing)