ECE Course Outline


Biosystems Analysis (3-0-3)

ECE 2040 [min C] or BMED 3510 or CHBE 4400 or ME 3015
Catalog Description
Analytical methods for modeling biological systems, including white-noise protocols for characterizing nonlinear systems. Crosslisted with CHE and ME 4782.
Khoo, Michael C. K., Physiological Control Systems : Analysis, Simulation, and Estimation, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001. ISBN 9780780334083 (required)

Topical Outline
A. Fundamentals of digital signals and systems
    1. Convolution
    2. Fourier transform
    3. Digital filters

B. Fundamentals of probability and statistics
    1. Probability distribution and density functions
    2. Expectation and moments
    3. Random processes
    4. White noise
    5. Correlation analysis
    6. Linear Regression
    7. Examples of biostatistics: independence, dependence, genetic 
       Counseling, false alarm

C. Modeling biological systems
    1. Models of systems and the modeling process
    2. Qualitative model formulation
    3. Quantitative model formulation
    4. Simulation paradigms
    5. Numerical techniques
    6. Parameter estimation
    7. Model validation
    8. Model analysis
    9. Stochastic models
    10. Nonlinear models

D. Applications/examples
    1. Driver controlling speed of automobile
    2. Latency characteristics
    3. Pupil response
    4. Electroretinogram
    5. Adaptive noise cancelation
    6. Neural information processing