ECE Course Outline


Integrated Circuit Fabrication (2-3-3)

(ECE 3030 [min C] or ECE 3040 [min C]) and ECE 2031 [min C]
Catalog Description
Introduction to microelectronic processing technologies and CMOS. Includes a laboratory for fabrication/testing of MOS transistors, basic CMOS circuits, integrated resistors and capacitors.
No Textbook Specified.
Course Objectives - As part of this course, students:

  1. learn the basic fabrication processes used to fabricate integrated circuits. [c]
  2. attain hands-on experience in fabricated integrated circuits & devices and characterizing the resulting electronic circuit. [b, k]
  3. engage in formal written communication exercises including laboratory reports and design projects. [g]
  4. learn how to correlate non-ideal integrated circuit operation back to the fabrication process used to manufacture the device under test. [a, e]
  5. learn how to model integrated circuits based on processing parameters. [a, e]
  6. learn how to modify integrated circuit fabrication processes to improve device performance. [c, e]
Course Outcomes - Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. fabricate CMOS circuitry using a basic CMOS manufacturing procedure.
  2. perform common fabrication processes used in microelectronics fabrication.
  3. test integrated circuits and interpret non-ideal behaviors.
  4. correlate non-ideal IC behavior back to the processes used to fabricate the device under test.
  5. model IC physical parameters such as junction depth, dopant concentration and modify fabrication process flow designs to improve device performance
  6. write technical reports related to the laboratory experiences, integrated circuit characterization, and a process design project.
  7. compile a Process Design Project including analyzing non-ideal performance of fabricated ICs, developing a process flow to improve performance.
Topical Outline
Introduction, Safety, and Semiconductor Materials 





Wet Etching Tech 

Plasma Processing 


Ion Implantation 

CVD Processes 

MEMS Processes