ECE Course Outline


Electric Power Quality (3-0-3)

ECE 3070/3300
Catalog Description
Transients and harmonics in power systems, analysis methods and mitigation practices. Causes of power quality problems and relationship to equipment susceptibility.
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Topical Outline
Power Quality Concepts
* Transients, Voltage Sags, Voltage swells
* Power Electronic Based End Use Devices
* Waveform Distortion, Harmonics
* Power concepts under waveform distortion
* Equipment Susceptibility
* Power Quality Problems  Classification

Modeling for Power Quality Analysis
* Lumped Parameter Circuits

Distributed Parameter Circuits 

Transmission lines, transformers, generators

Distorting loads
* Grounding

Analysis Methods
* Fourier Transforms
* Laplace Transforms
* Numerical Methods
* Special Transforms (Wavelets, Hartley)

Voltage Sags and Swells
* Fault Induced Sags and Swells
* Transferred Voltages 
* Impact of grounding
* Mitigation techniques (filters, active compensators, voltage restorers, etc.)

* Generation mechanisms
* Effects of harmonics (resonance, derating, vibrations, etc.)
* Mitigation methods, Filters, UPS
* Standards

Electrical Transients
* Switching Transients (Energization, Cap Switching, In-Rush, Motor Starting, etc.)
* Lightning Induced Transients (Lightning Characteristics, Surges, Shielding)
* Overvoltage Protection (Technology, Surge Protection Devices, Coordination)

Distributed Generation and Power Quality
* Distributed Generation Technologies (Wind, Fuel Cells, Microturbines, etc.)
* Integration and MicroGrids
* Protection and Control of Microgrids