ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4012 Course Syllabus


ECE Culminating Design Project II (1-6-3)

ECE 4011 and ((ECE 3020 and ECE 3030) or (ECE 3025 and ECE 3072 and ECE 3084)) [all courses min C]


Catalog Description
Second semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Team project in ECE incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints. Requires formal reports and group presentations.


Topical Outline
Working in teams, students will complete  the second semester of their two-semester design project requiring specification, design, implementation, and testing.  Projects must be based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work, and incorporate appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints.  For teams including CmpE majors, the project must incorporate both hardware and software design elements and trade-offs between the two.  Emphasis is placed on the design process, the technical aspects of the design, and on reducing the proposed design to practice.

1.	Topics presented in the common one-hour lecture:
   a.	Course overview and deliverables
   b.	Senior design laboratory rules and ordering parts
   c.	Intellectual property and laboratory notebooks
   d.	Safety and product liability
   e.	Codes and standards
   f.	Sustainability, environmental issues
   g.	Professionalism, ethics and social implications
   h.	Professional societies and codes of ethics
   i.	Professional licensure, FE/PE exams
   j.	Project budgeting and cost analysis
   k.	Critical project review instructions
   l.	Final written report instructions
   m.	Fundamentals of starting a company ?????? goals, business plan and financing

2.	Topics for the scheduled time each week with the project instructor must include the following:
   a.	Team final proposal review and approval
   b.	On-going meetings with project advisor
   c.	Mid-semester critical design review report and presentation
   d.	Final project oral presentation/poster
   e.	Final written report
   f.	Project demonstrations