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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE3710 Course Syllabus


Circuits and Electronics (2-0-2)

PHYS 2212/2232


Catalog Description
An introduction to electric circuit elements and electronic devices and a study of circuits containing such devices.

myDAQ, National Instruments. (required) (comment: The National Instruments myDAQ unit and the Circuits textbook (by Ulaby, Maharbiz) may be purchased as a bundle at http://www.studica.com/GeorgiaTech.html)

Ulaby, Maharbiz, Circuits (2nd edition), National Technology & Science Press, 2013. ISBN 1934891193, ISBN 9781934891193 (required) (comment: NOTE: The ISBN is for the book alone. The National Instruments myDAQ unit and the Circuits textbook may be purchased as a bundle at http://www.studica.com/GeorgiaTech.html)

Course Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
  1. determine voltages and currents in a resistive network.
  2. sketch the transient response of RC and RL circuits and be familiar with the standard transient responses of RLC circuits.
  3. use complex phasors to determine the steady-state responses of sinusoidal sources voltages or currents.
  4. understand and analyze the frequency response characteristics of filters.
  5. analyze power characteristics in reactive circuits.
  6. build and test real circuits containing RLC components, op amps, diodes, and transistors.
  7. design and build simple filters, rectifiers, and amplifiers.

Topical Outline
Resistive Circuits (3.5 weeks)
	Ohm's Law
	Resistors in parallel, series
	Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage Laws
	Voltage divider and current divider laws
	Thevenin Equivalent Circuits

Reactive Circuits (1.5 weeks)
	Inductors and Capacitors
	Parallel and series connections of inductors and capacitors
	Transient Analysis of First-Order circuits

Frequency Analysis of Circuits (2.5 weeks)
	Steady-state sinusoidal analysis and impedance
	Transfer function
	Bode plots

Power in AC Circuits (1 week)
	Real, reactive, and apparent power
	Power factor

Fundamental Devices in Electronics (2.5 weeks)
	Ideal diodes
	Simple piecewise linear model of diode
	MOS Field-Effect Transistors
	Operational Amplifiers

Electronic Applications (3.5 weeks)
	Active Filters

Students will perform hands-on activities using data acquisition boards. Some of these activities include exploration of RC and RLC circuits, op amp circuits, filters, and physically-motivated applications of electronic circuits.