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ECE Patents

  • Systems and Methods for Multiple Winding Impulse Frequency Response Analysis Test

    Larry T. Coffeen
    January 25, 2005
  • Spatially Resolved Equalization and Forward Error Correction for Multimode Fiber Links

    Cenk Argon, Steven W. McLaughlin, Ketan Patel, Stephen E. Ralph
    January 25, 2005
  • Digital Clay Apparatus and Method

    Mark G. Allen, Wayne J. Book, Imme Ebert-Uphoff, Ari Glezer, David W. Rosen, Jaroslaw R. Rossignac
    December 28, 2004
  • Optical Fiber Gratings with Azimuthal Refractive Index Perturbation, Method of Fabrication, and Devices for Tuning, Attenuating, Switching, and Modulating Optical Signals

    Thomas K. Gaylord, Gregory D. VanWiggeren, Donald D. Davis, Elias N. Glytsis, Emmanuel Anemogiannis
    December 14, 2004
  • Micromachined Device Having Electrically Isolated Components and a Method for Making the Same

    Mark G. Allen, Charles C. Chung
    October 26, 2004
  • Optical Waveguides with Embedded Air-Gap Cladding Layer and Methods of Fabrication Thereof

    Tony Mule, James D. Meindl, Thomas K. Gaylord, Elias N. Glytsis, Paul A. Kohl
    October 19, 2004
  • Backplane, Printed Wiring Board, and/or Multi-Chip Module-Level Optical Interconnect Layer having Embedded Air-Gap Technologies and Methods of Fabrication

    Tony Mule, James D. Meindl, Paul A. Kohl, Stephen M. Schultz, Thomas K. Gaylord, Elias N. Glytsis, Ricardo Villalaz, Muhannad S. Bakir, Hollie Reed
    September 7, 2004
  • Guided-Wave Optical Interconnections Embedded within a Microelectronic Wafer-Level Batch Package

    Tony Mule, Chirag S. Patel, James D. Meindl, Thomas K. Gaylord, Elias N. Glytsis, Kevin P. Martin, Stephen M. Schultz, Muhannad S. Bakir, Hollie Reed, Paul A. Kohl
    August 31, 2004
  • Method and Apparatus for the Ultrasonic Actuation of the Cantilever of a Probe-Based Instrument (40)

    August 24, 2004
  • Compensation of Modal Dispersion in Optical Waveguides

    Stephen E. Ralph, Ketan Patel
    August 3, 2004