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Frank C Lambert
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Principal Research Engineer
; Associate Director, NEETRAC
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Mr. Lambert is a Principal Research Engineer at Georgia Tech's National Electric Energy Testing, Research, & Applications Center (NEETRAC) and the Center for Distributed Energy (CDE). He spent the first 22 years of his career working at Georgia Power Company in distribution engineering, transmission engineering, distribution operations, electric vehicles, and T & D research. His managerial experience included assignments as Network Underground Test Supervisor, T & D Research Manager, Network Underground Manager, and Distribution Manager. He came to Georgia Tech in 1996, where he helped to establish NEETRAC, an electric energy-focused research and testing consortium with over 40 electric utility and manufacturing members.

Mr. Lambert works to coordinate research with NEETRAC members, staff, and academic faculty to perform projects related to the transmission and distribution of electric energy at NEETRAC. He also works with a variety of sponsors to conduct research with CDE. He has served in several leadership roles in industry technical organizations and works as a Principal Investigator on projects in the transmission and distribution area.

Mr. Lambert obtained bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering, both from Georgia Tech.

Research interests: 
  • Power Delivery Systems
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Sensors for Smart Grid
  • Communication Systems for Smart Grid
  • Power Flow Control
  • Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society - President-elect, 2018
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society - Vice President Chapters, 2014-2017
  • Professional Engineer, State of Georgia, 1978-present

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