Hill Tapped for IEEE PES Service Award

Atlanta, GA

Raymond C. Hill has received the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Technical Committee Distinguished Individual Service Award. He was honored for his dedicated support to developing IEEE PES Surge Protective Devices Committee (SPDC) standards in the role of Low Voltage Subcommittee Chair.

A senior research technologist at National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center, Hill has worked as the SPDC SC 3.6 chair since spring 2006. As chair, he oversees the operation of 12 working groups.

In addition, Hill initiated and maintains a master working group member and standards list for all of the subcommittee working groups. He was also responsible for the creation of and continued guidance of four new working groups addressing emerging technologies: Wind Power Facilities Surge Protection Guide Working Group, Surge Protection of Photovoltaic Facilities Working Group, Smart Grid Surge Protection Guide Working Group, and Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Surge Protection Guide Working Group.

Last revised November 13, 2017