ECE Project Team Selected for Upcoming Texas instruments Analog Design Contest

Atlanta, GA

Andrew Vaziri and Suvrat Jain, electrical engineering undergraduate students at Georgia Tech, were chosen as one of 12 teams to compete in the Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest Engibous Summit, taking place July 29-August 1 at TI's headquarters in Dallas.

After taking ECE 4550–Controls System Design, taught by Professor David Taylor, Messrs. Vaziri and Jain began the work that led to their project that was selected for the TI contest. Their project report is entitled “Derivation, MATLAB Modeling, and TMS320C2000 Implementation of Recursive Linear Least Squares Parameter Identification Technique Specialized for Use with DC Motors.” The concepts presented in this report create the core functionality for two different products. This method can be run in real time for use in adaptive control, or it can be run once during a system commissioning process to ensure that a motor is behaving properly or to identify the unknown properties of a motor.

Mr. Jain will be presenting for the team at the contest, and we wish him much success!

Last revised August 1, 2017