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Recent News

Wang Featured in GlobalFoundries Blog on Academic Collaborations and 6G Leadership

Hua Wang was recently featured in a blog on the GlobalFoundries (GF) website as one of three highlighted, high-profile university partner professors.

Share the L.O.V.E. Across Campus

Members of the L.O.V.E. GT working group will join meetings of various campus groups and departments to talk about the Institute’s values and share ways to further incorporate the values into our work.

Madhavan Swaminathan

Bayesian Learning Applied to Semiconductor Packaging

Traditionally, electric components and systems, such as semiconductors and chips, are tuned and tested over months before they are optimized for a task. A new method uses a statistical technique based on probabilities called Bayesian optimization.

Omer Inan, Aaron Lanterman, Andrew Peterson, Ying Zhang

Four ECE Faculty Members Recognized with Georgia Tech Awards

Four faculty members from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) received top Georgia Tech awards.

ECE Employees Recognized with Years of Service Awards

Nine ECE employees were recognized with Georgia Tech Years of Service Awards. 

Institute for Materials Announces Initiative Leads and Science Advisor

IMat's Executive Director (Professor Eric Vogel, MSE) and Innovation Initiative Leader (Professor Jud Ready, GTRI) have created a new Science Advisor position and a team of Initiative Leaders to shape the future of IMat.

ECE Seniors Spring 2021 Commencement Q&A

ECE Seniors: Spring 2021 Commencement Q&A

We talk to three ECE graduating seniors about their time at Georgia Tech.

ECE Faculty, Staff, and Students Receive Honors from the Roger P. Webb Awards Program

The Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is recognizing and celebrating the achievements of its students, staff, and faculty with honors from the Roger P. Webb Awards Program.

Clough, Library rooftops open for graduation photos

The Library’s Crosland Tower seventh floor terraces and Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons’ fifth floor rooftop garden will be open for graduation photos April 30 through May 8.

Engineering Alumni Create Mobile App to Reduce Alcohol Abuse

The Reframe app’s 120-day program provides diversions that interrupt users from the urge to consume alcohol during a typical 20-minute craving.