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Researchers Jinsol Lee, Yash-Yee Logan, Kiran Kokilepersaud, and Ahmad Mustafa from the Center for Signal and Information Processing (CSIP) at this year’s end of semester awards luncheon.

CSIP Holds End of Semester Awards Program

The Center for Signal and Information Processing’s (CSIP) program honored past and current students for their outstanding research and service.

Saltaformaggio Wins Class of 1940 W. Roane Beard Teaching Award

The award recognizes exceptional performance in the classroom by a Georgia Tech faculty member.

ECE Researchers Win 2021 Richard B. Shultz Best Transaction Paper Award

In the award-winning article, an optimization-based algorithm for quick evaluation of the eye diagram, dubbed worst-eye analysis, is suggested.

(L-R): Sanjay Srihari, Quentin Mot, Hari Parameswaran, Tegan Kapadia, Matthew Bollinger, S. A. Shenoy, Alexander Li, and Rodrigo Rose

Quiz Bowl Team Wins Nationals

Every year, Georgia Tech’s academic quiz bowl team competes in two national tournaments. This year, their top team won first among 51 of the best teams in the country.

(L-R) Olkin, Yadav, and Roberts, were honored at the Institute's Student Honors Celebration on April 21.

ECE Students Recognized at Student Honors Celebration

Zachary Olkin won the Outstanding Computer Engineering Senior Award, Katherine Roberts won the Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Award, and Pardyot Yadav won the Undergraduate Research Award.

(L-R) ECE professors Oliver Brand, Sam Coogan, and Emmanouil Tentzeris were honored at 2022 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon.

ECE’s Brand, Coogan, Tentzeris Honored at 2022 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon

Brand and Tentzeris won Institute Research Awards, while Coogan took home a Sigma Xi Award.

ECE Cares graphic with icons 

ECE Cares: Comprehensive Student Support

The pandemic has taken — and will continue to take— a heavy toll. Getting students oriented and helping them succeed will require innovative new approaches to student support.

Shaping the Future of Light through Reconfigurable Metasurfaces

Harnessing the power of “phase-change” materials, Georgia Tech researchers have demonstrated how reconfigurable metasurfaces — artificial materials with extraordinary optical properties — are crucial to the future of nanotechnology.

Madhavan Swaminathan

Center for Advanced Electronics through Machine Learning Receives Phase II Funding from The National Science Foundation

As the global demand for microelectronics continues to surge, CAEML's mission to apply machine learning to the design of optimized microelectronic circuits and systems has become even more crucial.

Zhang Named to the Dean’s Professorship

Zhang has been a faculty member in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) since 2007.