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ECE’s Brand, Coogan, Tentzeris Honored at 2022 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon

Atlanta, GA
Brand, Coogan, Tentzeris

(L-R) ECE professors Oliver Brand, Sam Coogan, and Emmanouil Tentzeris were honored at 2022 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon.

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On Friday, April 29, a group of outstanding members of the Georgia Tech community were recognized at the annual Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon, including School of Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Oliver Brand, Samuel Coogan, and Emmanouil Tentzeris. Brand and Tentzeris won Institute Research Awards, while Coogan took home a Sigma Xi Award.

Brand, who is the executive director of the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology, was honored as part of a group of researchers who comprise the Georgia Tech Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Team (RADx), which won the Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development Award.

The Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics program (RADx) was launched by the National Institutes of Health in April 2020 to speed development, evaluation, and commercialization of Covid-19 tests for use at home and in clinical settings. Emory University, Georgia Tech and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta were selected to lead the RADx test verification efforts, with the Georgia Tech RADx team beinginstrumental in providing crucial engineering and usability assessment as well as regulatory support for this initiative.

Tentzeris, Ken Byers Professor in the area of flexible electronics, won the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Advisor Award. He is among the world’s top researchers in conformal 3D integrated RF modules, inkjet-printed RF electronics, “green” electronics, and power scavenging. *See a list below of Tentzeris' Ph.D. graduates and their thesis titles.

“We are honored to recognize these individuals’ extraordinary achievements in research,” said Rob Butera, vice president for Research Development and Operations, about all the 2022 Institute Research Award winners. “Their accomplishments, hard work, and enthusiasm continue to make Georgia Tech an outstanding institution.”

Additionally, Assistant Professor Sam Coogan won the Georgia Tech Chapter Sigma Xi Young Faculty Award. Coogan shared the ward with Diyi Yang, an assistant professor in Interactive Computing.

Coogan holds a joint appointment in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and is a member of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines and the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute. His research is in dynamical systems and autonomy and focuses on developing scalable tools for verification and control of networked, cyber-physical systems.

* Professor Tentzeris' graduates and their thesis titles over the last five years (the period that the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Advisor Award covers):

  • J.Kimionis, “Software-Defined-Radio Readers for RFID Applications”, Period Advised: Fall 2013-Fall 2017,GRADUATED: Fall 2017, Current Employer: Bell Labs.
  • W.Su, "Inkjet-Printed Microfluidic-Enabled Tunable RF Structures and Sensors", Period Advised: Fall 2013 – Spring 2018, Passed Preliminary Exam: Spring 2014, GRADUATED: Spring 2018, Current Employer: Google.
  • J.Hester, "Low-Cost Printed, Flexible and Energy Autonomous Van Atta and Carbon Nanotubes Based mm-Wave RFID Gas Sensors for Ultra-Long Range Ubiquitous IoT and 5G Implementations”, Period Advised: Fall 2013 – Summer 2019, Passed Preliminary Exam: Spring 2015, GRADUATED: Summer 2019, Current Employer: Atheraxon (Founder). 
  • A.Nauroze, "Origami-Inspired Tunable RF Structures", Period Advised: Fall 2014-Fall 2019, GRADUATED: Fall 2019, Current Employer: Amazon.
  • S.Alotaibi, “3D Printed Wireless Sensors for Strain and Stress Monitoring in Smart Skin Applications”, Period Advised: Spring 2016-2020, GRADUATED: February 2020, Current Employer: Aramco.
  • S.Jeong, "Load-Reconfigurable Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Machine Learning Optimization", Period Advised: Fall 2014-2020, GRADUATED: April 2020, Current Employer: Qorvo.
  • Tong-Hong Lin, “Wearable Zero-Power Sensors and Microfluidics for 5G Applications”, Period Advised: Spring 2016-2020, GRADUATED: September 2020, Current Employer: Apple.
  • B.Tehrani, “Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Application-specific Millimeter-Wave Wireless System Design and Packaging”, Period Advised: Summer 2013-2020, GRADUATED: December 2020, Current Employer: Analog Devices.
  • R.Bahr, “3D-Printed RF Circuits”, Period Advised: Spring 2015-2020, GRADUATED: December 2020, Current Employer: Dujud.
  • Xuanke He, “Additively Manufactured RF Components, Packaging, Modules and Flexible Modular Phased Arrays enabling widespread massively scalable mmWave/5G Applications”, Period Advised: Spring 2017-2021, GRADUATED: July 2021, Current Employer: Skyworks.
  • E.M.Jung, “FM and UHF Energy Harvesting Systems”, Period Advised: Fall 2018-2021, GRADUATED: December 2021, Current Employer: PowerCast.
  • A.Eid, “3D printed Novel Lenses, Energy Harvesters and Active Devices for IoT Applications”, GRADUATED: December 2021, Current Employer: MIT-Media Lab.


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