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Alumni Spotlight: Joe Luck

Atlanta, GA

Name: Joe Luck

GT Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 2014, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 2017

Current Title/Position: Technical Sales Engineer

Current Company/Organization: Texas Instruments Aerospace & Defense Team

Describe your average workday. I work directly with the engineering team at my accounts to help them design cutting edge satellite and rocket systems. We work with our customers to confirm their project needs, and provide the technology to solve their problems.

How did ECE prepare you for your current role? ECE helped me think outside the box to find solutions. Many nights of working through problem sets involved thinking of different ways to apply the lessons from class to solve problems. This is really important when I am presented with a technical problem from my customers. In many cases the simple path to solving their issue is not the best. When we are able to help their design, while improving other factors like efficiency, layout space, or cost it helps our team gain trust and respect moving forward.

What advice would you give current ECE students? Get as many internship opportunities as you can. It took me four summer internships as a design engineer at Boeing and General Electric to learn that being a design engineer was not my passion. While I do love ECE, there are many other career paths available in engineering. Having internship experience will help you make sure you choose the career that suits you best.

Who was your favorite ECE professor? Dr. Muhannad S Bakir. He taught my Semiconductor Design class. He is passionate about semiconductors and taking the time to make sure his students understand the material. He is able to break things down to help his students understand concepts. During office hours he is considerate of students who need help.

What was your favorite ECE class? ECE 4445 - Audio Engineering. This class really helped bring the concepts from analog design into a different light, and helped solidify a lot of the basics by applying them to an audio system.

When you aren’t being an Electrical/Computer Engineer, what do you like to do? During covid most of my hobbies were restricted so I played a lot of video games (Destiny 2 on PS4 Gamertag: Lvl3Catastrophe), working out at home, and hiking. Lately I have been able to travel a little more and also visit restaurants, which has been great! I have many hobbies like weight lifting, traveling the world, snowboarding, road course auto racing, and salsa dancing to name a few.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Georgia Tech is not easy but the opportunities that are presented to our alumni are great. Continue to push and do your best and the opportunities will present themselves.

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