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Fostering Industry Demand for Cybersecurity

Online masters of cybersecurity program celebrates two years of serving the lifetime needs of a global community

Atlanta, GA
Fostering Industry Demand for Cybersecurity

Fostering Industry Demand for Cybersecurity

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When Georgia Tech launched its Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity (OMS Cybersecurity) in 2019 with an inaugural cohort of 250 students, it had one common goal: increase the number of trained and educated cybersecurity professionals in the workforce to meet the growing industry demand.

Now, in its third year, enrollments have grown 285%, largely surpassing the residential program that has existed on campus since 2002. Even more, it represents a much more dynamic and diverse group of industry professionals. As these interactive charts demonstrate, the learners in the program have a global and unique vantage point, with industry specializations in technology, finance, and defense technology and citizenship across 59 countries. Additionally, Asian, Black, and Hispanic student groups are nearly half of the total racial and ethnic program makeup.

While the field of cybersecurity is much narrower than Georgia Tech’s other two online graduate degrees-at-scale, it's not a marginal, specialized program. Instead, its industry-driven, multifaceted nature reflects a global community of cybersecurity professionals leading the way for the industry and the Institute.

In honor of this milestone, we’re looking back on two years of innovative, affordable, and accessible education – and the “hidden students” who are bringing next-generation cybersecurity skills into the workforce.

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Last revised May 4, 2021