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Variable Works with NASA to Rapidly Develop Covid-19 Detection Device

Atlanta, GA
Variable, Inc. Covid-19 Detection Device

Photo: NASA/Ames Research Center/Dominic Hart

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Georgia Tech ECE alumnus George Yu's company Variable, Inc. was awarded a NASA subcontract to prototype a NASA COVID-19 detection device called the E-Nose in 2020. Variable successfully produced the electronics and packaging for it along with a paired mobile app for the agency to test its nanosensor array technology developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in COVID-19 patient’s breath.

Variable is known around the world for their reliable and accurate color communication tools like the patented Color Muse® and Spectro 1 devices. The team has a specialized skill set in developing new sensor technology, building on a history of creating devices that could detect temperatures and complex gases among other components.

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Suzanne Ócsai

Last revised April 7, 2021