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Campus Center Construction Impacts - July 2020

Atlanta, GA

Campus Center – Construction Impacts, Schedule – Phase I

July 2020:

In the month of July 2020, Phase I work including construction of the Exhibition Hall, Pavilion and Café buildings will be completed, work will begin on Phase 2, the renovation of the Student Center.


*Surface Lot 2 (Student Center lot) will remain open for public use.

*Construction truck traffic continues in the west sector of campus.

*Normal working hours are Monday - Saturday 6:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

Phase I Building Construction (Café, Pavillion and Exhibition Hall):

* The construction of the new Café, Pavilions and Exhibition Hall buildings will be complete during this month, with final touch up work and detailing occuring.

* Installation of Audio Visual systems, end user and mainteance training will be on going.

*Landscaping around the Phase I construction will be ongoing with plant, shrubs, and groundcover installation.

* Exterior accessories (benches, waste receptacles etc) will be installed.

Arts Plaza Exterior Work:

*Hardscapes including site walls, sidewalks and pavers will be installed.

*Landscaping around the Arts Plaza will be installed.

*Fencing will be modified to open up Ferst Center front doors and pathway from Ferst Center to ISYE lawn by August 1st.

Phase II Building Construction (Wenn Student Center and Stamps Commons):

*Construction fencing will be installed around perimeter of the site.  Wayfinding signage will be installed.  Please see attached logistics plan.

*Abatement and demolition scope of work will commence.

*Public forum area will remain open until September, 2020





Additional Photos

Campus Center Construction Impacts - July 13-23, 2020

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Campus Center Construction Impacts - July 24-31, 2020

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Campus Center Construction Impacts - August 2020

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