Updates on the campus response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Burdell Run Supports Students

Atlanta, GA

Due to the ubiquitous coronavirus and the resulting need for social distancing, the annual Georgia Tech Pi-Mile Road Race, a tradition for the past 48 years, had to be cancelled.  The pandemic crisis has affected everyone. Some students were particularly hard hit. Students, who were unable to return home, had to quickly arrange room and board locally with limited resources. 

In response, the cancelled Pi-Mile Road Race was converted into the Burdell Run on May 16, 2020, with all proceeds going toward “supporting student relief efforts.” This was a remote individual run to ensure social distancing. The 5K race length was marked off by runners, typically in their own neighborhoods or in some appropriately isolated areas. Each runner ran separately. For the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, it was Regents’ Professor Tom Gaylord, a veteran of the last 15 Pi-Mile Road Races, hitting the road in support of these students in need. “We can help these students and stay healthy at the same time. It is a win-win situation.” Gaylord said.

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Tom Gaylord, post-run

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Last revised July 15, 2020