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#RATS Digital Scavenger Hunt in the Library Aug. 19-23

Event ends with pizza party and video games Friday, AUg. 23 on 7th floor

Georgia Tech Library: Crosland Tower

Get to know your Georgia Tech Library the first week of school and celebrate with a pizza party on the seventh floor complete with loads of vintage video games.

The #RATS Digital Scavenger Hunt is open to everyone on campus. All you need to do is post pictures of the following areas to your social accounts, all tagged #RATS.

  • Sci-fi Lounge (1st floor)
  • Classroom 2130 (2nd floor)
  • Data Viz Lab (3rd floor)
  • Gadgets check-out (3rd floor)
  • Multimedia Studio (4th floor)
  • Seventh Floor Reading Room (7th floor)

On Friday, Aug. 23 from 3-5, everyone who can verify they’ve taken the photos can come to a pizza party in the seventh floor reading room. We’ll have all the projection screens down running retroTECH’s Time Machine emulator and several vintage systems.

Questions? Just hit up the Georgia Tech Library on social (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), DM us on the Georgia Tech sub-Reddit or e-mail jason.wright@library.gatech.edu.  

Last revised October 23, 2020