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Cloud Computing Solutions Architect Published

Madisetti Serves as Co-Author

Atlanta, GA

Cloud Computing Solutions Architect: A Hands-On Approach was published on July 4, 2019. The book was written by Vijay K. Madisetti, a professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Arshdeep Bahga, head of Cloudemy Labs in Chandigarh, India. 

This book is written as a textbook for training the next generation of cloud solutions architects for educational programs at colleges and universities. It can also accompany cloud certification programs where students would be interested in obtaining valuable hands-on skills on actual cloud platforms to further develop their knowledge and competency base. 

The book is organized into 20 chapters that provide in-depth coverage of concepts, technologies, and architectures related to cloud computing environments and cloud applications. Real-world examples of cloud-based services and their characteristics are described. Reference architectures for different classes of cloud applications, including e-Commerce, Banking, Business-to-Business, Retail, and Social Networking in the context of commonly used design methodologies are examined in detail. The reader is also introduced to specialized aspects of cloud computing, including serverless computing, cloud security, and big data analytics. Case studies on the applications of the cloud in industry, healthcare, transportation systems, smart grids and education are provided. 

The book is supported by an instructional website, where lectures, source code, exercises, and labs will be provided to support instructional, training or research activities.

To learn more about the book, published by Hands-On Approach Textbooks, visit http://www.hands-on-books-series.com/cloud-computing-solutions-architect.html.

Last revised July 15, 2020