Officer Elections Application Open for The Hive

Deadline Is February 22 at 6 pm

Atlanta, GA

Interested in a leadership position for the upcoming academic year (Summer 2018 to Spring 2019)? Want to make a difference in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)? Join The Hive as an officer on the Executive Board! The Hive plans all the events, orders all the parts, sends all the emails, and does its best to serve the needs of the students who want access to the new ECE Makerspace!


  • Any Georgia Tech student of any major in any year level can apply for an officer position
  • Must be on Georgia Tech Atlanta campus for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
  • PRESIDENT ONLY: Must have been attended The Hive's events during the 2017-2018 academic year 


  • Application Form Deadline - 6:00 PM Thursday, Feb. 22
  • Pre-Screening Window Opens - 9:00 AM Monday, Feb. 26
  • Pre-Screening Window Closes - 5:30 PM Monday, March 5
  • Candidates Notifications (Private) - 8:00 PM Thursday, March 8
  • Candidate Final Video Submission Deadline - 6:00 PM Sunday, March 11
  • Candidates Released to All Members - 9:00 AM Monday, March 12
  • Orgsync Voting Opens - 9:00 AM Monday, March 12
  • Orgsync Voting Closes - 6:00 PM Thursday, March 15
  • Results Released - Friday, March 16


  • President: 
Oversees all administrative responsibilities for The Hive. Primary interface for corporate sponsors, primary representative to faculty, responsible for ensuring that The Hive remains in good standing with the Student Engagement Office, registering for FASET, and leading and organizing officer meetings. Excellent communication skills, people skills, and time management are required. Students interested in the President position of The Hive must have been an active and involved member of The Hive for at least one academic year (e.g. students must be recorded as members on The Hive’s OrgSync portal and have attended at least two events in the current academic year.)
  • Vice President
: Aids the President in administrative duties, works with other officers to plan events (socials, info sessions, workshops), takes meeting minutes at meetings, posts agendas for officer meetings, and responsible for backing up officer files to OrgSync at the end of every semester. Excellent organizational and time management skills are required.

  • Treasurer: 
Maintains the budget, ensures that The Hive's records match the ECE department's accounting records, prepares monthly financial reports and one end-of-year financial report, oversees purchasing for food, parts, equipment, office supplies, etc., and manages student reimbursements. Must have excellent organizational skills. Experience with budgeting or financial management (either personal or for another organization) and some knowledge of Google Scripts for spreadsheets preferred but not required.
  • Director of Operations: 
Handles Peer Instructor "hiring" and management, logistical operations of The Hive, workshop planning and scheduling, parts ordering, and interfacing with staff members regarding Makerspace operations. Excellent time management, organization, and communication (people skills) required.
  • Director of Communications
: Primary public relations point of contact for The Hive. Manages the official email account and Facebook account, reviews our weekly newsletter, designs flyers and electronic advertisements, and interfaces with other student organizations and departments on campus. Excellent time management and organizational skills required; some art or design knowledge preferred.
  • Assistant Director of Communications: Assists the Director of Communications with the creation and distribution of marketing materials, which include but are not limited to emails, social media posts, paper flyers, and other electronic advertisements. In charge of writing and sending The Hive's weekly newsletter emails on Mailchimp.

  • Webmaster
: Keeps The Hive's website up-to-date and maintained. Works closely with the other officers, especially the Director of Communications, to develop and update website content. Web design experience preferred.

Apply now at!


Students that move to the Pre-Screening stage are required to submit a video outlining their platform for 
the position that they are running for. This video, if the student becomes a final candidate, will be posted to
 The Hive's YouTube channel as a private video and then shared on the OrgSync final poll so that voting
 students can make their selections accordingly.

Videos should be 2-5 minutes in length, no shorter and no longer. The candidate's face should be clearly visible in the video.

More information in the Elections Handbook: 

Last revised February 15, 2018