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From State Department to Head of Georgia Tech Strategic Initiatives: A Conversation with Frank Neville

Frank Neville recently sat down with Joe Bankoff, professor of the practice in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, who recently stepped down as chair.

Hannah Geil: Follow Your Heart

A heart condition in high school led Hannah Geil to study biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech. Now she’s able to work in the medical field where she can help heal hearts the same way hers was healed.

Round Two for SCMB Symposium

Annual gathering of mathematicians and bio-scientists returns to Georgia Tech, Feb. 17-18

Atlanta Christkindl Market

Enjoy Winter Break in Atlanta

There are plenty of events for those who want to be festive or simply enjoy the break.

Transferring to Georgia Tech Paved the Way for Ryan Harper to Chase His Dream

Ryan Harper's transfer to Tech helped him reach his goal of working in the racing industry.

Kevin Satterfield is off to join Delta after graduation.

ARC-TRIAD fellowship winners for Spring 2020

ARC-TRIAD Fellowship winners for Spring 2020

Current silicon solar panels - pictured here - are big, stiff, and heavy, but emerging solar technologies like perovskites and non-fullerene acceptor materials could augment or replace them with solutions that are light, flexible, and robust. They could also be much more affordable to produce. Credit: Department of Energy 

Tweaks Behind the Rebirth of Nearly Discarded Organic Solar Technologies

A minuscule chemical tweak is advancing an organic solar technology that was believed unviable.

Track II Nuclear Discussions in Moscow

Georgia Tech Professor Participates in Track II Discussions on AI and Nuclear Weapons in Moscow

Margaret E. Kosal discussed Artificial Intelligence and strategic stability in Moscow.

College of Sciences Taps Atlanta BeltLine Executive for Communications Director

Jess Hunt-Ralston returns to alma mater, former employer, for new role