Recent News

A. Russell Chandler III Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies Santanu Dey

Santanu Dey Assumes Role of Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

As ACGS, Dey will work to ensure the continued excellence of ISyE's graduate programs and implement new intiatives to strengthen them.

Applications Now Open for Brittain Fellowship

The WCP is accepting applications for the Brittain Fellowship for 2020-2021.

ISyE Director of Professional Practice and Senior Design Coordinator Dima Nazzal, fourth-year Emma Baubly, and fourth-year Kevin Kwon

New Cornerstone Class Preps Students for Senior Design and Beyond

The Cornerstone class helps train ISyE students to develop, write, and present problem-solving proposals using ISyE methodologies in advance of Senior Design.

ISyE Senior Design Team Wins Fall Capstone Expo

The winning team, "Sky's the Limit," worked with Delta Air Lines In-Flight Services. This is the 2nd time an ISyE team has received the top Capstone award.

Tech Receives Approval on CAR Plan

Following review by University System of Georgia (USG) Chancellor Steve Wrigley, Georgia Tech has received approval on its action plan in response to the Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR).

ISyE School Chair Edwin Romeijn, ISyE HR Administrative Manager Lisa Cox, and COE Dean Steve McLaughlin

Lisa Cox Receives the COE Culture Champion Award

The award is given to a staff member who advocates for a positive and productive culture, works to support and develop successful cultural practices, and strives to make a difference.

Georgia Tech Physicists Expand Access to Biophysics Research

Study shows how to use less pricey, more powerful computer processors for simulations

Korean Student Granted President's Undergraduate Research Award

School of Modern Languages student wins award for his research on Hyper-articulation in Korean glides by heritage language learners.

Research on the hummingbird-sized hawk moth (Manduca sexta) shows that millisecond changes in timing of its action potential spikes conveys the majority of information the moth uses to coordinate the muscles in its wings. (Credit: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech)

Moths and Perhaps Other Animals Rely on Precise Timing of Neural Spikes

Researchers have captured and analyzed nearly all of the brain signals sent to the wings of hawk moths.

CSE Associate Professor Polo Chau stands in front of a white board with equations written on it.

Polo Chau Receives Intel Outstanding Researcher Award

CSE Associate Professor Polo Chau received an internally-nominated Intel award for his research and work with the ARSA program at Georgia Tech.