Recent News

Williams Street Road Closure in Tech Square 12/10/19 - 12/12/19

Williams Street road closure in Tech Square will enable equipment placement for microgrid.

Global reach of the WALDO dataset

Researchers Preserve and Release Trove of Public, Low-frequency Radio Data

Preserving hundreds of terabytes of ELF/VLF electromagnetic wave measurements and opening it for researchers worldwide is a joint project of Stanford University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Colorado Denver with support from the NSF and DoD.

Aaron Levine, associate professor in the School of Public Policy

Ending crowdfunding campaigns for unproven treatment a good start, Georgia Tech bioethicist says

School of Public Policy bioethicist Aaron Levine reacts to recent news about medical crowdfunding, one of the areas he researches.

Helping Underserved Populations Through Evaluation: Q&A with Lorna Rivera

CESIMC Research Scientist Lorna Rivera discusses using evaluation as a means to help underserved populations, including minority groups and women in the high performance computing community.

Breaking Down the Cap and Gown

Take a look at the caps and gowns worn by Institute leaders.

Georgia Tech and People Power Collaborate on Senior Care Project

Researchers will use the software company’s smart home platform to study mild cognitive impairment with the goal of supporting older adults as they age in place.

Ahmet Coskun

The Future of Poster Sessions

Coskun lab presents concept for digital posters for interactive cellular media and bioengineering education

Technology and Disability Policy Highlights - Fall 2019

This fall, the country celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) with hosted talks about best practices for employers on how to increase disability inclusion.

Origin of Life’s Handedness and Protein Biochemistry

How chiral systems emerged is one of the key questions of origins-of-life research.

New Stops Coming to Blue Stinger Route in January

Starting January 6, 2020, new bus stops will be added to the Blue Stinger bus route at the Tricentennial/Paper Science Building. The Blue route will no longer serve Fitten Hall.