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From Opera to French Cuisine – The Leonardo Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Science and art go hand in hand and, through the Leonardo Program, students get a first-hand look at how culture, creativity, and art play into their chosen fields of study and enrich their understanding of the world.

Role of artificial intelligence in nanophotonics

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have demonstrated the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in obtaining valuable insights to the operation of photonic nanostructures, which manipulate light.

Jia Wei

Wei, Damle Receive IEEE DEIS Graduate Student Fellowships

ECE Ph.D. students Jia Wei and Tushar Damle have been named as recipients of the 2019 IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS) Graduate Student Fellowships.

Georgia Tech’s Global Engineering Immersion Program: Around the World in Three Semesters

The Global Engineering Immersion Program (GEIP) capitalizes on Georgia Tech’s academic presence in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Metz, France, and Shenzhen, China.

Gregory Villiam Junek

Junek Selected as GEM Fellow

Gregory Villiam Junek has been selected as a GEM Fellow based on his academic record, prior awards, and current Ph.D. research.

Fei Wang

Wang Chosen for IEEE SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award

Fei Wang has been chosen to receive the 2019-2020 IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) Predoctoral Achievement Award, the highest honor for Ph.D. students from the IEEE SSCS.

France-Atlanta 2019

The 10th annual France-Atlanta, hosted by the Consulate General of France and the Georgia Institute of Technology, ran from August 28 through November 15th, 2019. 

Georgia Tech has announced an agreement to join the IBM Q Hub at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to advance the fundamental research and use of quantum computing. (IBM photo)

Georgia Tech Collaborates with IBM to Develop Software Stacks for Quantum Computers

Georgia Tech has agreed to join the IBM Q Hub at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

A red laser creates nonlinear effects with tiny triangles of gold. The blue beam shows the frequency-doubled light and the green beam controls the hot-electron migration. (Credit: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech)

Laser Pulse Creates Frequency Doubling in Amorphous Dielectric Material

Researchers have demonstrated a new all-optical technique for creating robust second-order nonlinear effects in materials that don’t normally support them.

Title of Doctor Honoris Causa Bestowed upon Meliopoulos

ECE Professor A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Professor) of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the National Technical University of Athens in Athens, Greece.