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Students Building Solar Home

Georgia Tech is one of 14 colleges and universities participating in the Department of Energy's 2017 Solar Decathlon

Atlanta, GA

Although construction won’t begin until the spring semester of 2017, students have been working since 2015 to design the Solar Home at Georgia Tech that will be entered in the next U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

The home is completely designed by students. The team is comprised of 43 students, both undergraduates and graduates, including several engineering students and computer science students, 11 architecture students, and four business students. They are assisted by Principle Investigator Ravi Subramanian, along with Charles Rudolph, Cassandra Telenko, and Matthew Realff.

Amanda Schaefer, an undergraduate student who works with Campus Sustainability, talked with William Courrèges-Clercq, and undergraduate student and business team lead for the Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon Team. He’s been with the team since its inception in Fall 2015. He explained that Solar Home is the result of a passion he and Alex Poux, a mechanical engineering major and project lead for Solar Home, have for sustainability and Atlanta.

Read on for the full interview and more renderings of the home.

Last revised May 15, 2020