Georgia Tech ECE Professor Featured in Google Campaign

Atlanta, GA
Dr. Ayanna Howard

Dr. Ayanna Howard

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When it comes to robotics, forming companies, and using technology to help children with disabilities, Professor Ayanna Howard is an expert. But shifting to a marketing role to get the word out about her company Zyrobotics and its offerings that include assistive technologies and educational apps for children, was a new challenge. Howard turned to Google Adwords in June 2014, a few months after releasing their first therapy app. The ads, which focus on creating awareness and encouraging app downloads, have resulted in over 50,000 downloads to date.

In May 2015, Google chose Zyrobotics to represent the State of Georgia in their Economic Impact Report. They felt that Zyrobotics was unique in that, although it was a high-tech company, it was focused on addressing an important societal need. Google created a video featuring the company, which was partially filmed on the Georgia Tech campus.
“It was great to welcome Google to our campus to film and have them witness firsthand the impact our students and technology make on the world,” said Howard.
To learn more about Zyrobotics, watch Google’s video.

Last revised November 13, 2017