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Tentzeris Wins Best Paper Award

Atlanta, GA

Emmanouil M. (Manos) Tentzeris will receive the 2015 Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Microwaves, Antennas, & Propagation at an upcoming technical conference.

A professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tentzeris and his coauthors will be recognized for their paper entitled “Inkjet-printed antennas, sensors, and circuits on paper substrate,” published in the July 2013 edition of this journal. Most of the work presented in the paper was performed by the ATHENA Group, which is led by Tentzeris.

This paper introduces inkjet printing on flexible paper and additive manufacturing/digital printing technologies for the sustainable “green” ultra-low-cost fabrication of flexible RF/microwave electronics, antennas, and sensors. The novel integrated wireless sensor and antenna modules reported in this paper could potentially set the foundation for the truly convergent wireless sensor ad-hoc networks of the future with enhanced cognitive intelligence and “zero-power” operability through ambient energy harvesting and wireless power transfer. The reported results could find applications in numerous areas ranging from the Internet of Things and smart skins to smart cities, intelligent cars, and smart biomonitoring devices.

Tentzeris’ coauthors on the paper are Sangkil Kim of Qualcomm; Benjamin Cook of Texas Instruments; Taoran Le, a Ph.D. student in the ATHENA Lab; James Cooper, a Ph.D. alumnus of the ATHENA Lab; Hoseon Lee, an assistant professor at Kennesaw State University; Vasileios Lakafosis of Cisco; Rushi Vyas, assistant professor at the University of Calgary; Riccardo Moro and Maurizio Bozzi, of the University of Pavia in Italy; and Apostolos Georgiadis and Ana Collado of the Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya in Spain. Kim, Cook, Lee, Lakafosis, and Vyas are all Ph.D. alumni of the ATHENA Lab.

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