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Georgia Tech Launches New International Program in Shenzhen

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech’s newest international initiative, the Georgia Tech-Shenzhen Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) launched successfully in Shenzhen, China on August 18, 2014. Approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and by the Chinese Ministry of Education, this truly unique program allows students from all over the world to receive a high quality education offered by Georgia Tech’s own faculty, gain experiences studying and living in China, and interact with multinational companies in China.

The M.S. ECE degree that is offered in Shenzhen is identical to its counterpart offered at the Atlanta campus, and the admission and degree requirements are also the same as in Atlanta. GT-Shenzhen is located inside the Shenzhen High Tech Industry Park, in close proximity to hundreds of high tech companies, making it easy for students to gain internship experiences. GT-Shenzhen is less than four miles from the border crossing with Hong Kong, thus excursions to Hong Kong (and Macau) are on the minds of many program participants.

"We are very excited about the launch of the new M.S. Degree Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Shenzhen, China. This program is just one more example of how Georgia Tech is expanding its global footprint and helping to define the technological research university of the 21st century,” said Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson. “The initial class has some truly outstanding students who in partnership with faculty, industry, and business leaders in China will help to expand our global reach and impact."

Among the inaugural class of GT-Shenzhen students are Rick Hofstra who graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Texas A&M University. Asked why he chose GT-Shenzhen among his many other options, Hofstra replied “I decided to come to Georgia Tech-Shenzhen because I know Georgia Tech has one of the best electrical engineering programs in the world. On top of that, my wife and I want to travel and experience other cultures while we are younger. We really wanted to take advantage of an affordable and unique chance to learn a new language and experience China.”

Another American student, Alec Green, graduated from Purdue University and studied abroad in Switzerland. Green’s objectives for joining the GT-Shenzhen program include developing his Chinese language ability while at the same time getting a better sense of the culture and living conditions in China. “Through Georgia Tech's partnership with local tech companies, I am also hoping to get some idea of how tech companies operate in China, and how a westerner might fit into a tech role here,” Green said.

At an April 23, 2014 media briefing in Shenzhen, Consul General Jennifer Galt of the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou gave an inspiring speech about U.S.-China cooperative education. “An investment in cooperative education programs between the U.S. and China is an investment that pays dividends for all of us,” Galt said. “These programs bridge language barriers, open lines of communication, and connect people in both immediate and lasting ways. Georgia Tech’s program here in Shenzhen is thus another terrific step forward in continuing to build relations between the United States and China.” The full text and video of Ms. Galt’s speech can be found on GT-Shenzhen’s website.

Current Georgia Tech students can easily switch campuses for one semester to study abroad in Shenzhen. Even though this is an ECE program, non-ECE students are also welcome to use GT-Shenzhen as a platform to gain international experience in China and take ECE classes as electives. A small number of non-ECE courses are also available at GT-Shenzhen each semester. Degree seeking students from other U.S. institutions can apply to study at GT-Shenzhen for one semester as transient students and transfer Georgia Tech course credits back to their home institution.

“We thank Tianjin University for helping Georgia Tech launch this new initiative in Shenzhen,” said G. Tong Zhou, ECE professor and director of the GT-Shenzhen program. “Having had bilateral summer programs with Georgia Tech since 2009, Tianjin University has been a generous supporter of Georgia Tech’s efforts in China and is an important partner for GT-Shenzhen.” 

For more information about GT-Shenzhen, please visit www.shenzhen.gatech.edu.

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