Rincon-Mora Publishes Analog IC Design Textbook

Atlanta, GA
Gabriel Rincon-Mora

Gabriel Rincon-Mora is an associate professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Gabriel Rincón-Mora recently published his ninth textbook, Analog IC Design with Low-Dropout Regulators (second edition, 507 pages). Rincon-Mora is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

The book is a completely revised and expanded version of its 2009 predecessor. It covers power-supply systems, microelectronic devices, single-transistor primitives, analog building blocks, negative feedback, bias currents and reference circuits, small-signal response, circuit blocks, system implementations, circuit protection, and characterization of linear regulators.

Rincón-Mora has been on the ECE faculty since 2001, where he conducts research on power management integrated circuits (ICs), analog ICs, system-on-chip microelectronics, system-in-package microelectronics, self-powered/self-sustaining chips, and energy harvesting ICs. Rincón-Mora is a Fellow of IEEE and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Last revised August 1, 2017