ECE Graduate Students Shine at the GTRIC Innovation Competition

Atlanta, GA
Elnaz Banan Sadeghian and Keith McGreggor

Elnaz accepts a $15,000 prize from VentureLab Director, Keith McGreggor. Her project was judged to have the "most startup potential."  The prize will consist of an equity investment in a startup company based on her invention.  She will be invited to join the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and to the Georgia Tech VentureLab process to launch a company.

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ECE Ph.D. student Elnaz Banan Sadeghian won the Edison Prize in the Georgia Tech Research & Innovation Conference (GTRIC) Innovation Competition, held on March 13, 2014. Sadeghian is the first woman to receive the top prize in the competition.

The Georgia Tech Research & Innovation Conference (GTRIC) is a yearly event that captures and exhibits the cutting-edge scientific and technological research conducted by graduate students here at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Graduate students from all disciplines participate to give their research Institute-wide exposure and compete for travel awards and scholarship prizes.

Sadeghian's presentation was titled “Detector for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording.” Her research involves synchronization and detection for two-dimensional magnetic recording, a new technology for super high density data storage. A key challenge for this technology is the development of signal processing strategies of manageable complexity that are able to effectively mitigate the two-dimensional interference inherent in the problem. She has developed a detector that can recover all data tracks requiring low signal-to-noise ratio.

The following ECE students also received honors in the competition:

Innovation Finalists

Reza Abbaspour
Umair Altaf
Franceso Amato
Nishanth Mehanathan

GTRIC Travel Grant Recipients

Temiloluwa Olubanjo
Gareth Guvanasen
Robert Schmid
Hanuma Teja Maddali

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