NVIDIA Awards $275,000 to 11 GPU Computing Geniuses

ECE's Haicheng Wu Wins Prestigious NVIDIA Fellowship

Atlanta, GA

Haicheng Wu is one of 11 graduate students who has won a prestigious NVIDIA graduate fellowship. Mr. Wu is a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Georgia Tech, and he is advised by ECE Professor Sudhakar Yalamanchili.

Mr. Wu is developing a compiler, Red Fox, for accelerating large-scale data warehousing applications on cloud architectures augmented with GPU accelerators. Red Fox is now capable of running all TPC-H queries in one GPU device with small-scale inputs.  The longer term goal of Red Fox is to be integrated with large relational database systems consisting of multiple nodes and multiple GPU devices to explore the opportunities for GPU computing in the “Big Data” era.

All NVIDIA award-winning students were selected from hundreds of applicants in 39 countries. Their projects involve a variety of technical challenges, including computer architecture, programming models, character animation, computer graphics and computational methods for simulating chemical events.

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Last revised August 1, 2017