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2015 News

Ahmet Ceyhan to Receive Best Paper Award

Recent ECE Ph.D. graduate Ahmet Ceyhan has been named the recipient of the 2014 S.C. Sun Best Student Paper Award.

Power Up

Improving energy storage and conversion will expand use of renewables

Task Force Suggests Changes to Academic Calendar

Georgia Tech students could soon have more time to prepare for finals and an extra day off at Thanksgiving, thanks to proposed changes to the academic calendar.

Seven Cool Things About Robots

In honor of National Robotics Week, we've put together a list of seven cool things robots can do (or will be able to do in the near future).

Faces of ECE: Senior Stories 2015

Four graduating seniors in ECE tell their unique stories.

National Robotics Week 2015 Is Here!

Georgia Tech celebrates National Robotics Week with an open house and tours on Wednesday, April 8

Kepler Mission Team Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum awarded the 2015 Current Achievement Trophy to NASA's Kepler Mission Team on March 25 at a black-tie dinner in Washington, D.C.

New robotic vehicle provides a never-before-seen look under Antarctica

A first-of-its-kind robotic vehicle recently dove to depths never before visited under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf and brought back video of life on the seafloor.

CREATE-X will build students’ entrepreneurial confidence

CREATE-X is a collective of programs designed to boost students' entrepreneurial confidence and give them the tools they need to establish startups.

I3DS Group Wins IEEE Best Paper Award

ECE's Hyung Suk (James) Yang, Chaoqi Zhang, and Muhannad Bakir have been named the winners of the 2014 IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Best Paper Award in the Advanced Packaging Technologies category.