Tentzeris, Vyas Receive Honor at Architecture World Summit

Atlanta, GA

Emmanouil M. (Manos) Tentzeris and Rushi Vyas received the Architecture Award of Excellence from the Architecture World Summit, held in Bangalore, India on July 25-26.

A professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Tentzeris and Mr. Vyas, his Ph.D. student, were chosen for this award in the category of future IT/emerging technologies for their work in "Biodegradable, Energy Harvesting Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring." Their research in this area focuses on the use of ambient energy harvesting technologies and clean organic materials to design and fabricate battery-less, biodegradable sensors. The sensors are ideal for use in detecting strains/cracks in buildings, as well as in agricultural monitoring, item tracking logistics, and healthcare applications. This work is the first effort of its kind, demonstrating ambient energy harvesting that is broadband and that can detect energy sources up to five miles or more away.



Last revised August 1, 2017