Lopez Wins IEEE IMS Honors

Atlanta, GA

Aida Vera Lopez received an Honorable Mention Award at the 2012 IEEE International Microwave Symposium Student Paper Competition. IMS was held June 17-22 in Montreal, Canada.

Ms. Vera Lopez's paper entitled, "Hybrid Silicon-Organic Packaged Antenna Array at 60 and 80 GHz Using a Low-Cost Bonding Technique," was coauthored with her Ph.D. advisor John Papapolymerou, G. Ponchak of the NASA Glenn Research Center, and A. Akiba, S. Mitarai, and K. Ikeda of Sony Corporation.  Her work presents a hybrid silicon-organic packaged mm-wave antennas that is flip-chip bonded to a 400 µm thick silicon substrate through gold bumps and a non-conductive film (NCF) adhesive layer. Two different antennas were designed, at 60 and 80 GHz, respectively. It is demonstrated that the organic substrate can be successfully integrated into a package at mm-wave frequencies by securing it mechanically with the NCF layer. Both designs yielded over 15 percent bandwidth and greater than 10 dBi gain.



Last revised August 1, 2017