Eleven ECE Faculty to Receive CETL Teaching Effectiveness Award

Atlanta, GA

Eleven ECE faculty members will receive the Class of 1934 Course
Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award from the Georgia Tech Center for the
Enhancement of Teaching and Learning on March 15. The faculty members include:

Matthieu R. Bloch

Gee-Kung Chang

Thomas M. Conte

Jeffrey A. Davis

Magnus Egerstedt

Faramarz Fekri

Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee

James H. McClellan

Saibal Mukhopadhyay

Yorai Wardi

Linda M. Wills

During fall 2010 and/or spring 2011, these faculty had a response rate of at least 85 percent to the Course-Instructor Opinion Survey and had teaching effectiveness scores of 4.8 in classes that were at least 40 students in size or scores of 4.9 in classes that were at least 15 students in size. To reward their commitment to teaching excellence, they will each receive a one-time, pre-tax award of $1,000, and they will be recognized on Celebrating Teaching Day on March 15.

Last revised August 1, 2017