Updates on the campus response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to Update Information in the ECE Faculty Profiles

Please note that there is a new URL format for ECE Faculty Profiles for you to use on your business cards, in publications, in your email signature, etc.:


Therefore, if you want to go to Dr. Magnus Egerstedt's faculty profile, you would go to http://faculty.ece.gatech.edu/magnus.egerstedt. If you have any questions or problems, please send a message to help@ece.


If you have a name that you prefer to be called which is not your official name, please fill out this request form to have OIT update your name as it appears in most campus systems (some may still show your official name):


It may take a few days after OIT has approved the display name change before you see it update in our systems.


You can update your phone number through TechWorks:

  • Login with your OIT GT ("prism") account
  • Click the OneUSG Connect button on the right side
  • Once you have authenticated into the OneUSG Connect system, make sure you are on the Employee Self Services (top of the page) section
  • Click the Personal Details tile, and then select Contact Details
  • If you already see your work phone number listed there, make sure it's listed as the Type "Business" and that you have Preferred checked for it.  Otherwise, click the + under Phone, and enter the appropriate information.

It will probably take a few days to update in our system


In order to get your Fax number changed, please send a message to help@ece.


In order to get your office location updated, please send a message to help@ece.


You can update your email address through Passport:

  • Login with your OIT GT ("prism") account
  • In the Email Addresses subsection after you login, click the button next to the line that contains "Your official email address"
  • Select the appropriate email address from your list of addresses and aliases, and click the Save button

It will probably take a few days after you receive that email before it will update in our system.

All Other Updates

For updates on the remaining items (TIG, Biography, Research Interests, Distinctions, or Publications), please contact Jackie Nemeth and Ashlee Gardner.

Last revised August 19, 2020