ECE Course Outline


Antennas and Wave Propagation in Matter (3-0-3)

ECE 6350
Catalog Description
Basic methods for characterizing the electromagnetic properties of common materials (geophysical, biological, etc.) and techniques for analyzing antennas and wave propagation in these materials.
King & Smith, Antennas in Matter: Fundamentals, Theory and Applications, MIT Press, 1981. ISBN 9780262110747 (required)

Topical Outline
Review of Electromagnetic Theory and the Properties of Materials
  Field Equations in Matter: Notation and Constitutive Parameters
  Phenomenological Models for Dielectric Dispersion
  Water and Materials Containing Water as Dielectrics

Pulse Propagation in a Dispersive Medium
  Transmission of a Gaussian Plane-Wave Pulse from Air to Earth
  Application to Ground-Penetrating Radars

Analysis of Antennas in Matter
  Special Considerations for Antennas in Dissipative Materials
  Bare and Insulated Linear Antennas
  Bare and Insulated Loop Antennas
  Antennas as Field Probes

Dipole Antennas Near a Planar Interface, Lateral Waves

Theory and Implementation of Measurements
  Basic Theory for Electromagnetic Scale Models
  Materials for Use in Scale Models
  Special Techniques for Measuring Antennas in Matter