ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6759 Course Syllabus


Plasma Processing of Electronic Materials and Devices (3-0-3)



Catalog Description
Fundamental physics, chemistry, chemical engineering and electrical engineering principles inherent in plasma processes. Includes etching, deposition, diagnostic methods, and control schemes. Cross-listed with CHE 6759.

Manos & Flamm, Plasma Etching: An Introduction, Academic Press, 1989. ISBN 9780124693708 (required)

Topical Outline
Introduction (1 week)
 -- need for plasma etching/deposition
 -- goals
Basic plasma physics/chemistry (2 weeks)
 -- kinetic molecular theory
 -- electron energy distribution
 -- ion energy distribution
Etch/Deposition reactor configurations (1 week)
 -- barrel, parallel plate, high density
Etching/Deposition parameters (2 weeks)
 -- power, pressure, frequency
Modeling and simulation (1 week)
 -- chemical, physical, mathematical, profile development
Process monitoring and endpoint detection (2 weeks)
 -- mass spectrometry, optical emission
Process control (1 week)
 -- strategies
Etching specific materials (1 week)
 -- insulators, semiconductors, conductors
Deposition of specific materials (1 week)
 -- insulators, semiconductors, conductors
Damage issues (1 week)
 -- radiation, particles
Safety & environmental issues, future plasma directions (1 week)
Exams & project presentations (1 week)