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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6604 Course Syllabus


Personal and Mobile Communications (3-0-3)

ECE 6602


Catalog Description
To introduce various topics that are fundamental to cellular mobile telephone systems

Stuber, Principles of Mobile Communication (4th edition), Springer, 2017. ISBN 9783319556147 (required)

Topical Outline
Introduction to Cellular Systems
-Frequency Reuse and the Cellular Concept
-Mobile Radio Propagation Environment
-Modulation Techniques
-Handoffs and Channel Assignment
-Spectral Efficiency and Grade of Service
Propagation Modeling
-Frequency-Non-Selective (Flat) and Frequency-Selective Multipath-Fading
-Laboratory Simulation of Multipath-Fading Channels
-Shadowing Models, Path Loss Models
Co-Channel Interference
-Multiple Log-normal Interferers
Modulation and Power Spectral Densities
-Analog FM
-Basic Description of Modulated Signals
-Digital Modulation Techniques
-Power Spectral Densities
Digital Signaling on Flat Fading Channels
-Vector Representation of Received Signals
-Detection of Known Signals in AWGN
-Coherent Detection, Differential Detection
-Diversity Techniques
Digital Signaling on Fading ISI Channels
-Modeling of ISI Channels
-Optimum Receiver for ISI Channels with AWGN
-Symbol-by-symbol equalizers
-Sequence estimation
Code Division Multiple Access
-DS and FH Spread Spectrum
-DS Spread Spectrum on frequency-selective channels
-Error Probability for DS CDMA on AWGN Channels
-Performance Analysis of Cellular CDMA
Cellular Coverage Planning
-Cell Sectoring, Switched Beam Antennas, Cell Splitting, 
-Microcellular Systems
-Hierarchical Architectures, Macrodiversity Architectures
Link Quality Measurement and Handoff Initiation
-Signal Strength Based Handoff Algorithms
-Signal strength averaging
-Velocity estimation in cellular systems
-Handoff analysis
-CIR-based link quality measurements
Channel Assignment Techniques
-Centralized DCA, Decentralized DCA, Fully decentralized DCA
-Hybrid FCA/DCA Schemes, Borrowing Schemes